Our capabilities start right at the beginning with the ability to help you with your part design. We can assist you so that your part not only functions within your specifications but also allows us to produce it in a cost effective manner. This directly ties in with our ability to design the tooling with your quality needs and budget constraints in mind. We work with solid modeling software so that we can take your part designs and transfer them into tooling that will fulfill both of our needs.

Tool/Fixture Construction

While we do have some in house capabilities to build and repair tooling we work with several quality tool shops with varying capabilities to produce the quality tooling you require in a timely manner. We work very closely with our suppliers, coming from that background enables us to manage your tooling projects like we were running our own shop. Your and our success depends on a quality tool delivered on time.

Prototyping & Part Development

If you are in the prototype stages of your project we can help. As stated earlier we can not only assist with the part design but have several sources and processes available to us to produce one part or hundreds to help you in the rapid development of your project.

Molding Processes

Every project is different and different projects have different needs. That is why it’s important that the supplier you choose has the capability to apply various processes to insure the integrity of your parts. We offer a variety of molding/assembly processes that include but are not limited to: injection molding, compression, transfer, injection-transfer, materials bonding, silicone gel injection, gluing applications etc… Along with present capabilities it is also equally important that a supplier be willing to explore new processes and materials. We are not only willing to consider new techniques but embrace projects that further expand our knowledge and enhance our value to our customer.

COMING SOON! Clean Room Molding

Our present molding environment is not clean room certified but we are currently working on the implementation of a dedicated clean room molding and assembly area. If you have a project that requires a certified clean room atmosphere please do not hesitate to contact us.


We currently work with most molded materials. We started with liquid silicones and have since expanded our current pallet to include gum silicones, fluorosilicones, gel silicones, RTV silicones, polyurethanes, Buna, EPDM, Viton and other specialty elastomers as well as most plastics. We work with several sources to provide you with the material and the properties that you require.

Assembly & Packaging

Along with our molding capabilities we also offer in house assembly and packaging processes. From complex medical devices to simple o-rings we can assemble and package if your needs require it.