“The internship with the Nashville Predators has had a huge impact on my current situation. Gaining hands-on experience with an NHL organization has not only prepared me for my current role, but it`s something I`ll take with me for the rest of my career. The camaraderie I share with everyone at the Predators started during my internship and has certainly helped me get to where I am today. In addition to permanent positions, NHL clubs offer a variety of unpaid internship opportunities for university students. Interns receive college credits in exchange for their work and are responsible for transportation costs if invited to an in-person interview or accepted into the internship program in an NHL club city. Here are some examples of available internships: When it comes to sports law, I know there are law firms that have sports law departments, and obviously all major sports have their own legal departments and in-house lawyers, but I couldn`t tell you. If you get an internship, you will definitely learn what the company looks like and whether it is worth it for you. If you are interested in our Sports Education 101 internship program, email us or visit teamworkonline.com to see current vacancies! I am looking for information on legal internships with sports teams. However, I find it very difficult to find information online that (a) describes the application process (b) the success rate of entry into sports law after an internship (c) the professional duties/description of a sports law internship. Thanks for the help! I don`t have concrete answers to your questions, but my undergraduate roommate has a master`s degree in sports management and a JD and couldn`t find a legal job at a major sports franchise. Again, I don`t think this is a reference to the whole field, but I was surprised at the lack of jobs in this field. (Unpaid internships may be easier to find) I don`t know if your career department is worthwhile, but I think it would be a good start.

If that doesn`t help, I`d tell you to contact the teams individually in the area where you want to practice (or at least spend the summer). While all of these organizations have collective job boards that have an internship section, I don`t think I`ve ever seen a legal internship on any of these forums. “The internship with the Nashville Predators was a life-changing experience with memories I will cherish for the rest of my career. I gained valuable insight into the behind-the-scenes aspects of running an NHL organization. The staff at Preds are very welcoming and helpful and have offered me career advice through the Puck Chucks. This internship strengthened my interest in working in an NHL organization. Thank you very much for a great semester! “They`re trying to weed out people who just want to go there for sports work. I half-mentioned the practice of sport in my OCI interview with them and I got a really annoyed look from the interviewer.

It`s a reputation they don`t like and they want to be seen as a general business law firm. The NHL accepts applications online. Prospective employees or interns can view current NHL job openings at the JobMonkey Employment Centre. New positions are constantly being added. Occasionally, internship opportunities are also announced. The 101 sports education program works similarly to a typical bachelor`s or master`s degree program during the traditional spring, summer, and fall semesters. Interns gain hands-on experience in the sports and entertainment industry throughout the semester and have the opportunity to participate in guest conferences and panels, volunteer in the Nashville community, and receive mentorship from the organization`s employees. The Predators welcome all candidates currently enrolled in accredited colleges or graduate schools. Participants must receive Sports Education 101 credits through their educational institution. This opportunity is unpaid and does not guarantee employment with the Preds after completion.

Each semester, interns have the opportunity to exchange ideas and network outside of work. Events range from options such as lunch with meals, local walking tours, clock parties, visiting local restaurants and much more! In addition to the SE101 coordinators and direct program supervisor, each trainee is assigned a mentor who serves as an additional resource for information, learning and conversation. Mentors are available for parallel days, questions, general advice and guidance. Try logging into your JobMonkeyJobs account, where you can set up job search agents from your dashboard. Do this and you will be notified by email when a job matching your skills and experience is available. When you click on the link to the job title, a detailed job description and the qualifications required to be considered for the position will be displayed. Go ahead and don`t miss out on the dream job you`ve been looking for. At the end of the semester, interns must create a presentation describing their experience with the organization. This presentation will be shared with their fellow interns as well as their supervisors and mentors. The trainees begin their stay in SMASHVILLE with a boot camp organized by the SE101 coordinators. At the boot camp, trainees are welcomed into the organization and meet their fellow trainees.

“My time in the SE101 program was beyond anything I could have imagined. I was accepted into the Predators family from day one and had so many wonderful opportunities to improve professionally and personally. I am so grateful for my experience and all the lifelong friendships I have made that will last well beyond the end of my participation in the program. The Nashville Predators Foundation, supported by SmileDirectClub, is an important part of the Nashville Predators` influence on the Nashville and Tennessee community. Throughout the semester, there will be foundation events for which interns will have the opportunity to volunteer.

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