This leads to the arrival of agency agents, who, after hearing both versions, report on what they think happened there. But there are cases that do not correspond to reality due to lack of evidence and insurance policies act accordingly. There is no problem with the wake mode, as the images are recorded before, during and after the accident. So we`ll see what really happened. When a threat is detected, like someone breaking the car window, Tesla`s Sentinel mode activates the car`s alarm. In addition, the vehicle owner can download a recording of the video 10 minutes before. To activate the Sentinel mode, you must go through the “Controls” and “Security” menus. This is kept on hold until it detects a threat, and then an initial alert level is activated, which displays a message on the multimedia screen warning that the cameras are recording. Tesla`s Sentinel mode is a feature that uses the cameras of the semi-autonomous driving system to monitor what`s going on around the car. Thanks to this system, it is possible to record scenes such as that of Benicássim (Castellón), where two masked men took a Porsche 911 (already recovered) and the theft was recorded by a Tesla Model 3.

Taking photos on public roads is a perfectly legal act as long as protected areas or people enjoying special protection because of their professional activity are not covered. There are records on public roads that are regulated, prohibited or subject to certain regulations. Taking photos in these cases can result in the imposition of a fine and, in some cases, even confiscation of the camera and its files. It is still too early to know if this proposal is constantly evolving or, on the contrary, if users will not use this type of additional features. Similarly, it is important to keep in mind that this technology could potentially have another legal complication. Anyway, the truth is that the deployment of this solution on the market remains in force for the moment. Now there is a second question. Can the battery run out when you use the Sentinel feature? It seems complicated that the battery of your Tesla suffers excessively, since the consumption of this system, when active, consumes barely 1% of the battery charge per two hours of use.

That doesn`t sound like much. “We will disclose this information if we believe in good faith that the law requires it, or if certain administrative authorities conduct an investigation and request such data, or to review or implement our policies and procedures, respond to an emergency, prevent or stop any activity that we believe is illegal, unethical or legally punishable or likely to be prosecuted.” In its report on on-board cameras, the Spanish Data Protection Agency “highlights the legality of a video surveillance system whose general objective is to obtain evidence to report a possible violation of the highway code”. This is not specifically about the theft of another car, but it is the AEPD report on the cameras in the parents of the car. On the thin red line between private recording and CCTV; Where are the records of systems such as Tesla`s Sentinel mode? In this debate, a balance must be struck between the right of some to record and those of others not to be registered. A point where, as often, “the principles of adequacy, necessity and proportionality must prevail”, according to the experts. You park your car and on your way back, you find an unpleasant bump that was not in the vehicle. And the worst part is that they didn`t leave you a note or note with a contact phone number and apology. If you have liability insurance, the joke will cost you money. Unless your vehicle has an assistant that monitors its surroundings and records everything that happens while we are away. This guardian function is taken over by brands such as Tesla.

Thanks to Sentinel mode, these vehicles can drive themselves, as they have a set of cameras that monitor what surrounds the vehicle at all times. This isn`t the first time Sentinel mode has helped identify thefts and has even proven effective in appealing fines, as it can use footage captured by the camera as evidence. Source: But it`s worth asking, to what extent can these cameras in the car record everything that`s going on around them? What is the position of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) in this regard? Here are some legal questions about using cameras in cars. David Maeztu, an expert in law and technology, raises a few questions: “If I record the road with my car in `Sentinel` mode, do I have to have a warning sign? How are images obtained and contributed? It`s been a debate about the use of cameras in cars for years, and until recently, the AEPD had not made a decision on it. Sentinel Mode is an advanced feature that allows you to observe and monitor suspicious activity around your Tesla model when you are parked or stopped in certain locations. De esta manera el coche reaccionará grabando las imágenes si detecta movimientos sospechosos alrededor de su carrocería. The live camera allows you to remotely view the surroundings of your vehicle when it is parked to confirm the safety of the surroundings before returning to your vehicle. You can also honk, flash your lights and talk on the vehicle`s speaker if you have one. Live Camera is end-to-end encrypted and cannot be recovered by us. This feature is available on iOS and Android devices running Tesla app version 4.2.1 or later and requires premium connectivity. The live camera is not available for Model S and Model X vehicles produced between 2012 and 2020. Your alarm will sound and outside lights will flash when a locked safe or door is opened without a valid access key.

To stop your vehicle`s alarm, unlock the doors with your key fob, key card, or the Tesla app. There are other, less sophisticated systems that record images in the vehicle, using cameras or resources that owners install themselves in their vehicles. They are very often seen in countries with high accident rates and are used to “process” insurance later. As we can see in the previous images, we are facing a technology that allows you to send a message in real time, heard by people nearby. In order to preserve the anonymity of vehicle owners, it was decided to integrate a high-performance voice modulator. So let`s see how this strange technology works, why it is a very interesting option to avoid vandalism related to the car in question and, most importantly, to what extent this update to the Sentinel Mode function could have greater growth in the future. He aquí las claves de esta novedosa y curiosa opción. To activate wake-up mode on your vehicle`s touchscreen, tap “Controls” > “Safety and Security” > “Wake Up Mode”. You can also activate wake-up mode via voice command or the Tesla app. Except on a Supercharger, Sentinel mode remains active until the vehicle is at 20% or less battery. The Tesla app notifies you when wake mode is turned off due to low battery.

No. To protect your privacy, no Sentry Mode recordings will be transmitted to us. For vehicles of model year 2018 and newer (with software version 2020.48.5 or later), the recordings are stored in the on-board memory and can be viewed directly from the vehicle`s touchscreen. Wake mode can also work similarly without a USB stick installed, with the ability to send an alert to your phone when a threat is detected – but recordings of the event aren`t available. In order to install dashcams in vehicles, these requirements must be met: Tesla`s Privacy Policy allows the company to share information with other third parties if required by law or in other circumstances. Note: It is your sole responsibility to review and comply with all local regulations and ownership restrictions regarding the use of cameras. Thanks to eight cameras, the Model 3 constantly monitors what is happening around the vehicle when it is parked.

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