(4) Authorities are also required to send their reports separately and directly to the Department of Labor (DOL) in milspouse@dol.gov. Executive Order 13832, “Improving Non-Competitive Military Spouse Appointments to the Public Service,” strongly encourages authorities to create more opportunities for military spouses to be considered for federal jobs in a competitive service by leveraging non-competitive government-wide hiring power for military spouses. The NDAA for fiscal year 2019, discussed immediately below, included a temporary reporting requirement that appeared to be limited to spouses of current active duty members of the armed forces, whether or not they are moving with the member. See Public Law 115-232 Section 573(d) (August 13, 2018). This temporary reporting requirement overlaps to some extent with the requirement of the Order in Council, but it is also somewhat different. In other words, the data reported are a subset of the data reported under the Order. We discuss our solution to these separate requirements below. NDAA FY19 amended several provisions of 5 U.S.C. 3330d governing the hiring authority of military spouses, including eligibility criteria. NDAA FY19 changed the contours of the first group. Paragraph 573(a) eliminated the eligibility criterion based on a spouse moving with a member on the orders of the CPS and replaced it with a criterion that included all spouses of active duty members of the armed forces. The interviewee recommends that DFO use the term “temporary” in conjunction with “non-competitive” when describing or referring to this hiring authority. OPM does not accept this proposal.

Agencies may appoint eligible spouses to permanent, temporary or temporary positions under this authority. The provisions of 5 CFR Part 316 currently provide for the non-competitive appointment of certain military spouses on a temporary or temporary basis (§ 316,301,302(b)(3) for temporary employment and § 316,402(b)(3) for term employment). C) The spouse must have moved or moved with the member of the armed forces to the new place of work indicated in the documents ordering the permanent change of position. (i) the power conferred by law on an executive department or agency or its head; or paragraph 2. Politics. a) Military spouses make a critical contribution to the personal and financial success of our military families. However, spousal military service often affects a spouse`s ability to obtain and maintain employment and achieve career goals. Multiple and frequent moves make it difficult for military spouses to maintain the home front, meet licensing and other work requirements, and obtain appropriate child care. Pursuant to the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, including 10 U.S.C.C. § 1784 and 5 U.S.C. §§ 3301 and 3302, the following is ordered: On May 9, 2018, the President issued Executive Order 13832, which was intended to improve the appointment of spouses to the public service in a non-competitive manner. The executive order states that U.S.

policy is to improve employment support for military spouses. Organizations are instructed to indicate in their Advertisement of Appointment (JOA) for competitive service positions, to the extent possible and in accordance with recruitment needs, that they will review candidates under the Non-Competitive Military Spousal Authority in addition to any other hiring authority that the JOA indicates the Agency will review them. Section 3(b) of the Executive Order directs agencies to actively promote the hiring authority for military spouses and solicit applications from military spouses for positions advertised by USAJOBS and other means that the agency intends to use. (ii) from the date of the documentation showing that the member of the armed forces is 100 per cent disabled if the spouse applies to be appointed on the basis of his or her marriage to a member defined in paragraph (b)(4)(ii) of this article; or (4) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (c)(5) of this Division, the appointment of non-competitive spouses under this Division shall not be limited to a geographic location. (a) the authority of the Agency. In accordance with the provisions of this section, a head of the Agency may appoint the spouse of an active duty member of the armed forces, the spouse of a 100 per cent disabled member injured on active duty, or the widow or widower of a soldier killed on active service. Proposed subparagraph 315.612(h)(2)(ii) requires organizations to report on the types of positions filled under this authority. OPM suggests that agencies provide specific data on the title, series and grade of posts filled under this authority. (i) the number of positions made available under the recruitment authority for military spouses; (iv) Measures to publicize the employing authority for military spouses and any other measures to encourage the recruitment of military spouses.

(4) Any Act, regulation or regulation that disqualifies a candidate for appointment must also disqualify the spouse from being appointed under this section. The agencies must decide how to adapt to the effective date of the presidential decree. 13832 until the coming into force date of this proposal, as this Order required agencies to begin reporting by December 2019. The time frame for the OPM to publish the final regulations for this hiring authority does not affect the reporting date required by the Order in Council. (e) Within 180 days of the date of this Order, OPM shall inform agencies of the hiring authority for military spouses and ensure that human resources personnel and hiring managers are informed of the techniques for their effective use. At the same time, OPM shall, within 180 days of the date of this Order, provide agencies with any additional direction it deems appropriate to the provisions of the Telework Improvement Act of 2010, Public Law 111-292 [implementing Chapter 65 and Article 5711 of this Title, and the provisions set out in the form of a note in accordance with Article 6501 of this Title, and amending the provisions in a table under section 6120 of the Agencies shall ensure that human resources staff and human resources managers are informed, as appropriate, of the techniques for the effective use of telework. (iv) A statement that the person requesting the power of attorney is the widow or unmarried widower of the service member. 25. In September 2008, the President issued Executive Order 13473, which allows the authorities to appoint certain military spouses of members of the armed forces on a non-competitive basis.

Military Spouse Legal Authority Code